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Providing the beautiful spaces in the best places.

The Building Overview

Modern & premium living spaces

Unlock the potential of your land and experience the allure of wooden living with Wintage Homes. Each project is a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Eco construction

Luxury living

Amazing Location

Design and Consultation

Personalized consultation to translate your vision into exquisite designs, harmonizing with your needs and land’s natural beauty.


Seamless process led by experienced craftsmen, focusing on premium wood selection and eco-friendly features.

Interior and Decor

Curated furnishings and decor to enhance the charm of your wooden abode with a blend of rustic ambiance and modern comfort.

Maintenance and Care

Dedicated services to preserve your wooden home’s beauty and durability for generations, extending our commitment beyond project completion.

Our services

An outstanding way of luxury life

Discover the enduring charm of wooden architecture and its seamless integration with the picturesque landscapes.

A-Type Cottage
Complete Wood Structure
Standard Cottage
Customized Buildings


Beautiful spaces in the best places